The Best Products for a DIY At-Home Facial

The Best Products for a DIY At-Home Facial

Getting a facial at the spa is a time-honored way to pamper yourself, and it provides a range of benefits like improving the complexion, reducing signs of aging, tightening the skin, stimulating circulation, and preventing future breakouts. However, you can get many of the same benefits just by giving yourself an at-home facial.

What You’ll Need

You can achieve many of the same results as a professional facial with a few simple products. Here are some of the best products for a do-it-yourself facial:

  • Cleanser. Look for a cleanser that will not strip your skin of its natural oils, such as an oil-based cleanser.
  • Exfoliant. Banana, oatmeal, or an exfoliating scrub are all great options.
  • Toner. A toner or astringent helps remove any remaining dirt or oil.
  • Facial Massage. This helps promote circulation and tightens the pores. A gentle circular massage with a cream or oil works best.
  • Mask. A mud or clay mask can help draw out impurities and give your skin a deep cleanse. A sheet or creamy mask is a great choice for hydration.
  • Moisturizer. Look for an oil-free moisturizer, depending on your skin type.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start by cleansing your face to remove any makeup or dirt. Avoid using soap, as it can be too drying.
  • Next, exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub. This helps remove dead skin cells and reveals the fresh, healthy skin underneath.
  • Then use a toner to help tighten the pores and ward off any blemishes.
  • Perform a gentle facial massage to stimulate circulation.
  • Apply your chosen mask to give your skin a deep cleanse. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off the mask and pat your face dry. Apply a few drops of face oil or an oil-free moisturizer.

You can give yourself a relaxing, indulgent facial in your own home for a fraction of the cost of a professional facial. With the right products, a DIY facial can help improve your complexion, reduce signs of aging, and even prevent new breakouts.

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